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  • Staci Brown

What You Don't Know About Big Box Gyms

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

What's the first thing that happens when you join a gym? Once you're all signed up the sales representative reaches out to you in order to setup your fitness assessment. That's where it all begins. Once you are on the trainer's schedule it's up to the trainer to lose you as a client. They have you come to the assessment office, weigh you, take some measurements (if they're good), and have you do a bunch of exercises that you may or may not be able to perform properly. At the end of the experience they hope you feel like you got a great workout and they taught you something that you didn't know before, or that you just really enjoyed the time you all just spent together. All for one reason and one reason only, to make the sale! The sale is personal training. Ancillary sales in a big box gym are pure profit for the company and the trainer does not get rich during this process. If it's a decent gym the trainer see's 60% of the cost of the training session but some gyms are as low as 10%. As a new client hopefully you receive the care you need to achieve your goals, but to be honest that could be extremely difficult due to the environment the trainer is working in. Meaning that if the trainer only gets paid when they have a client in front of them, then what time do they have to learn you and plan for you as their client? One they're not getting paid for that time and two they need to focus their energy on getting new clients, so they can continue to get paid. It leads to a horrible cycle of underachieving trainers and clients failing to attain the results they were hoping to achieve, therefore losing faith in fitness as a whole. Now I'm not saying that there are not great personal trainers out there, I'm saying that the system is broken and leading to more failures than success stories. Fitness should not be this far reaching unattainable goal only available to those with high amounts of disposable income. Proper fitness should be available to the masses not the just a few. So what do you do? It all begins with the assessment! #fitness4all #fitnesssaveslives #fitnessassessment #costoffitness

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