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I'm a Kinesiologist

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Being a personal trainer has always been a lot of fun for me, but I always felt like I didn't quite fit in with the industry "regulars". When I trained my clients I focused on how they felt as the moved and watched which muscles were firing as they performed an exercise and explained it to them. I was using the skills I learned from my kinesis class, exercise rehab, and exercise for cardiac rehab and special populations classes. I view pleasant aesthetics as a positive side effect of exercise not the main focus. So when I got matched with the person that said, 'I want to lose 5lbs in my arms", we didn't really click because I always looked at the bigger picture of the body functioning as a whole. When I was introduce to functional training I finally felt like I was at home because I was able to connect physical exercise to an individual's daily activities of life. Exercise should be about improving your health and wellness not the vanity of how you look in the mirror because those standards change over time and vary according to the eye of the beholder. Health and wellness is consistent across the board. When your goals are centered around heart health, flexibility, muscle balance, and lung efficiency, your mind opens up to different ways to achieve those goals and you do not become obsessed with the numbers you see on the scale. Focusing on your overall health allows you the freedom to celebrate the wins that you do not see on the scale. Which in turn will make you more likely to adhere to your program. You can move away from quick fixes and towards long term attainable solutions that create a healthier lifestyle. Now if you are overweight it is important to reduce your body mass index but that larger goal should be surrounded by smaller goals that you see long before you see a drastic change in the mirror. I had a client before that told me that she couldn't walk a full block without having to stop and catch her breath. I told her that my first goal for her was to walk two blocks before she had to rest. This was a small goal but I knew that if she was able to make it, she would be able to start trusting the process. Well the next week when she came back she told me that she walked six blocks after our session and cried when she realized how far she had gone. Never again did she have that limit of one block in her head, she began to push herself to do more and go further. Her weight loss was a result of her changing her mindset not the latest fad on social media. As a Kinesiologist I study the principles of injury prevention and rehabilitative exercise science as well as sport psychology and I have been certified as a Personal Trainer since 2009 six months after I completed my degree. #kinesiologist #personaltrainer #fitness #healthandwellness #kinesiology #fitnessprofesional

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